My sketches on how to easily create online content, based on @designsponge method/framework

Grace Bonney (@designsponge) has shown in this poscast episode a ridiculously easy way to inspire yourself and work on new contents for the online and print world altogether. Sure, in the end you still has to create the texts/videos/images, but once you have this “content boxes” (how she calls it), there’s no mistery at all.

I found it so easy to grasp that I decided to put it all in the A5 format bellow, resumed in an sketchnote format, so you can print it or have it always accessible in your bookmarks.

To hear the podcast How to Create Content for the New Online World and read the resume:

  1. Open the audio file in another window.
  2. Click on the following image to enlarge it.


If you use this material for your own purposes, please consider linking back to this post using this shortlink:


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